Volunteer Information

Volunteer for us, we need you

This event would not be possible withouth the amazing number and quality of volunteers we have had at past events. We will need nearly 70 volunteers this year.

To volunteer you do not know anything about fly fishing or Down Syndrome. Just be a good natured person who is willing to help. You will be fed a wonderful lunch and get a cool tee-shirt.

You will meet some amazing people and probably get to chat about fishing all day. You might even get to catch a fish!

I would like to fill our volunteer roster by April 1, 2010

Save the date: May 22 from 9am to 3pm (ish), we will kick off the event at 10am. Volunteers will be there as early as 7am, so feel free to get there early. You must register in order to attend, please contact us to get registered. Once registered, you will receive more details and directions on how to get there.

Please contact me and I will get you registered.

Ryan Miller
Program Director
Phone: 530-913-8312
Email: rhmiller@gmail.com